Can't assign a category to multiple presets at once

Started by georgefetcher-splice


Good afternoon! Serum is an amazing tool, and I use it in every project I do.
Thank you so much for constantly updating the product.

There is a problem in the organization of presets, and I want to know if it is possible to fix it?

I often buy presets on (where I bought the serum), and put them in the appropriate folders (BASS/Splice for example), but in the presets pool, many presets go without a category, and I just want to highlight, for example, 50 basses and put all of them in the BASS category, so that I can conveniently use the library in the future, setting them with stars. (rather than jumping on them in order, switching).

But I can't do this, as the category can only be selected for only ONE SELECTED preset.
Can you add this feature?

(screenshot here -


You can have the presets themselves named correct so they autocategorize, see here:

yep, got it, thank you! but tell me please, is it possible to do the thing i told you about in the next update (to select some presets at the same time in pool and mark them)? I would be so nice!


I don't have a timetable but the browser will certainly get further improvements.