How to uninstall correctly SERUM from my MAC ?

Started by doumea


to delete Serum (and all content / presets!) completely:

1) in Finder, command-shift-G (Go to folder) and type or paste:

delete Serum.vst

2) command-shift-G (Go to folder) and type or paste:

delete Serum.component

3) command-shift-G (Go to folder) and type or paste:
/Library/Audio/Presets/Xfer Records/

delete Serum Presets folder

4) command-shift-G (Go to folder) and type or paste:
/Library/Application Support/Avid/Audio/Plug-Ins

delete Serum.aaxplugin


hey steve, I have followed those 3 steps to try and unistall it. is it my macbook pro password i enter? as i entered that and nothing went further besides instead of saying password after i enter that link it says: Kyles-MacBook-Pro:~ Volks$
no idea what to do now


That would be completed, according to your description. Please contact me using the contact form if you're having issues.


Hey Steve,
so i followed the instructions above and it didn't accept my password it seems, or maybe it did. but now serum won't even open it said it needs presets but now i can't even open in from the plug in folder from ableton. I am freaking out and worried i may have lost it forever. I really need it to work.


You uninstalled everyting including the presets, that was the point. If your DAW is still running Serum will still show there. If you want to reinstall from scratch then download 1.0 (lowest download in your account) and then the middle download in "your account" (non FX version latest update).


the computer password / for your administration account on your computer.


Hi, Steve. If I uninstall Serum and reinstall again, will I lose all my files? My Serum wont seen to work properly.


If "your files" means Serum Presets, Noises, or Serum Wavetables, then yes, you will lose your files if you follow instructions in this thread.
command-shift-G in Finder and type or paste:
/Library/Audio/Presets/Xfer Records/
delete Serum Presets folder.

You can back up "Serum Presets" folder first:
in Serum, Menu->Show Serum Presets folder
command-uparrow (up a folder in Finder)
rename "Serum Presets" folder (e.g. Serum Presets-backup)
Then you could merge back in your custom content after re-install (perhaps in parts, if it is causing issues)


You must have only typed part of it, because the entire line deletes only specific files created by Serum.
I'll change the instructions to the more difficult but foolproof way.