New Serum Update Screwed Up My Automations

Started by Ilysian

I just updated Serum last night as I saw on my Splice app that there was an update. I went to bed after without checking it out because I've updated Serum in the past and all has been good so far. Well I just now opened up my DAW and went to work on a project when I noticed during playback that one of my sounds was not sounding at ALL what it was like before. I immediately looked at my automations and noticed that so many edits that I've made were switched around and put on other effects or knobs or whatever. I fixed the problem by redoing the automation to how it was before and then went to go see if any other projects have been effected. And they were. I use Serum for pretty much every sound, and going through my projects I saw that everything had been screwed up. I'm currently feeling very very devastated and miserable that all my songs may be ruined. Is there ANY way I can delete this new update and revert back to the one I was just on where I was having zero problems??

Sorry to hear that, I'm not clear exactly on what's up there - don't save over your project files you should be able to get back to the old state.

I'd recommend to use the contact form and mention your DAW and OS, or email me [email protected] directly (basically same thing, but you can attach a file that way if you want me to check here).

When you say I can attach a file do you mean my DAW's project file or something else?
Edit: Also the serum I updated to was v1.306 if that helps.

my email address is above, DAW project file would mean the file in question which is causing a problem.


Hi, I'm having the same issue. I just updated from a version that's probably a year old (I don't know exactly which version) to v1.33b3. All of my pitch bend automations now automate LFO3 Smooth and various other automations are assigned to different parameters as well. It doesn't seem to be a specific Logic project that I'm having this issue in as all of my project files where I used the older version are now messed up. Any chance you could fix this in the next version of Serum? Thanks!


I'd recommend to reach out using the contact form, I'd like to see one of the projects if possible and determine what version of Serum you were on the last time the project was saved.