selling xfer vst license transfer

Started by Pyrotek45


i have been looking all over Google to understand how your license transfer works,could you please explain it to me?


The new user must sign up on if they have not send $25.00 via paypal "send money" to [email protected] which must be paid by the NEW license holder.  Also they need to: 

1) mention that they are aware of the license is NFR (not for resale) 

2) mention you (license transfer from Your Name) 

3) and optionally a different email address if they want it registered to one which is not their PayPal associated email address. 

**No serial numbers change hands** (do not give your serial number out).
I blacklist the old one and issue the new license holder a new one.

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Sorry for the redundant question but just want to be certain…is it the same for paid off Splice rent to own plans?


If I sell two Xfer Records plugins that I own to someone, will it be $25 for the transfer or $50?


transferring both licenses to an individual at the same time = $25


Anyone who has sold.. where do you go about doing so? How do you avoid scams etc.?


You could contact me to verify the seller's registration prior to paying them. Also paypal tends to offer some buyer protection especially with no proof of shipping, but you can still contact me if you would like prior.


Just checking to be sure, though I assume the answer is yes…

Does the $25 fee apply to the $39 Cthulhu?



Thanks for the reply. I’ve decided to hang on to it then, even though as I noted in another thread that it strains my eyes after lengthy use on a 4K screen, and I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that one day it gets a nice crisp 4K ready interface.