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hey steve! l bought serum like a month ago from here and i've been having some problems, it crashes when l'm changing presets i try to delete the ''serumpresetdb.dat'' and the entire folder but it keeps happening after a couple days, l will appreciate if you can help me with that.
thank you ……


Try updating to the latest version, if it doesn't resolve it please use the contact form and mention your DAW and OS.


Having had crashes periodically since about six months, serum will become white and ableton crashes, same thing with cubase. I just installed the latest update and the browser was empty so I rescan the database and it crashes while rebuilding. Loading time is also longer.
EDIT: I deleted the database opened an instance of Serum and let the database rebuild in the background instead of doing it with the browser panel open, I let it there for an hour to be sure it had enough time. Now it's rebuilt and the browser works, will report back.
EDIT 2: Doing some tests, I saved one patch and it's rebuilding the whole database.

About the preset saving rescan, I have around 20,000 presets and its pretty annoying having to wait 10-15 minutes every time i save a preset. Also, i noticed that when i move the presets folder to a different location Serum starts right away (Which is obvious) otherwise i have to wait 10-20 seconds for it to load.

The next version has improved scan times, but presets to need to be fully loaded for proper scanning. Building menus will take time based on how long it takes your hard disk to return the results, if you are on a fixed hard disk you could consider an SSD. I would recommend to pare down your presets to something a little more manageable at-a-time, e.g. make a Presets(removed) folder in Serum Presets or nearby for presets do don't constantly access.