Ableton Live 10

Started by AshOnVenus


Hi all, I recently purchased Serum, I am quite new to using Plugins, however I am really stuck on how to start using Serum, I use Ableton Live 10 on a Dell Inspiron, I have a file for my VST3 files and have a few plugins stored in there that Ableton have recognized, I installed Serum and put it in the file, but Ableton just cant seem to recognize it, something I did realize is that my plugins that worked saved as VST3 files and Serum added as Application and Application Extension files, does any one know what I can do so I cant get it to work, thank you all!


Serum is a VST2 Plugin, not VST3, you want the VST2 folder set in Live 10->Plugins to the folder you installed Serum VST (64-bit) to, I personally use C:\VSTPlugins but any folder should look.


Thank you Steve, sorry, ill give that a try, many thanks.