Any chance of a Serum price cut in the long run?

Started by lx2

Hello Steve,
thank you for putting all the efort in developing and maintaining your Serum Synth!

I think there are many people out there, that would be willing in making music with Serum, if it would be more affordable.
When following your comments in this forum, we can always find your straigh answers, when it comes to the topic of "discounts" or "black friday deals" , etc. I'm also a softwaredeveloper and can understand you point of view to a certain degree , but since October 2014 now more than 7 years passed… and the price is still the same. Do you see any chance to bring all the other people on board that have been waiting for a price cut for so long? (What a bummer that we have missed the introductory price)

Kind regards,

p.s.: this post sholdn't be ment offending, quite the contrary, waiting patiently to afford Serum

I do not tend to run sales, and I have no plans to do such ever in the future.
Updates are always free and are priced in to the purchase price of the software.

The price is likely to increase in the future if anything, USD inflation is creeping up. But I have no plans to do anything at the moment.

If money is tight you might look at the rent-to-own plan for Serum, financially it's a good deal as it's akin to an interest-free loan (that you can even cancel should you need to).

Hi Steve and Alex

Steve, I understand that you are talking about, and is your decision to take into account the Alex's suggestions or not.

I share the same opinions of Alex and I was waiting something in this next black friday.

Now, I know that you have not the intention to do a discount.
You have all right to do it or not, and I appreciate your clarification about this.

I am new in the musical production and I am spending a lot of money to buy some things that I need, but my money is not infinite, and less when you are starting.
Talking about Serum or similar products, I had three synth options to spend my money, and is a pitty to say this, but between a rent-to-own plan (others haven't) and to get another software with a discount, or to get a free alternative…, after of your words, and in my personal situation…

I wish you the best, and congrats to your work with Serum, but I invite you to think a little bit more about this, some different points of view, about other contexts, the market situation, the current situation with the COVID and others, and in other free alternatives that you know that are there out too and are fighting with your product too.

Kind regards.


I also have little money, so I use the rent-to-own offer from Splice. Serums sound, filters and fx are the price worth. It exists free alternatives like Viral but it does not sound as serum in many ways. Thrust me I have compared these two synths a lot and never got the same sound out of Viral.