Any new future big updates?

Started by nazzar84-splice


Im a buyer over splice…already in forth month.I feel like vital is way a head and its double cheaper that serum.Pls Steve we deserve text to wavetable atleast.I realy like serum!visualy looks more pro than vital…pls overtake top position with some new updates! Cheers,wish all the best ;)


When I made Serum there was nothing quite like it, and still to this day, anything comparable to Serum is simply not Serum.

I'm not interested in entering in to "feature war" or "race to the bottom" approaches. That leads to a lack of innovation, and I care about making things which don't already exist, and help take electronic music to new and greater places.

There should be a major update someday but I'm really not discussing future plans for a multitude of reasons. Good things take time. I'm quite sure that will be special, not only because I have some incredibly special talent helping me now where it matters most, but because we're doing innovative stuff in my opinion. But I'm not interested in discussion about the future, it's counterproductive to manifesting it, which is where I'm focused the vast majority of time, aside from support and maintenance on the current codebase.

Updates are always free, for what it's worth!


Do you guys think the next big thing from Xfer will be a major update to one of the current plugins or a whole new product/plugin?