Are we going to get new sound presets in 2020 ?

Started by Raschee

Hi Steve, First thanks for building such of a great vst synth for us music producers. I Know your busy working on new things in near future for Serum so i was wondering will there be any new sound presets in the making. Musical genre, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Hip Hop, Soul Music, etc.. I will love to have all sound options for serum vst. I guess I'm just tired of going to other vst instruments just for sound banks when I know serum can do it all.


Personally I'm focused on the software and not making preset sales - my web admin is helping out with the preset pack administration. If you have any specific packs you think we to sell you can reach out on the contact form. There are a lot of presets out there for Serum beyond this website, of course. Many of the genres you mention are more realistic instruments which tend to be better replicated in samplers.