ASIO4ALL issues in FLStudio with Serum.

Started by Scodigy

So, I updated to the latest version of serum over the weekend. I've always used ASIO4ALL v2.14, but now when serum starts to play it just locks up flstudio. If I change over to my soundcard drivers it works fine. Install is right. Everything is the same for the last 3 years now. I hate using the soundcard drivers because I have to set the buffers pretty high and ASIO4ALL is much smoother for playback. Is anyone seeing this issue?

yeah its because of a update from windows ,, had the same isue ,, go to the page where you can check where/what your last install was . ik delete the TOP one ,, only that . restart pc and it was fixed. sorry for the sorry ass advice .. but google will halp u ;) <3

I'm using windows 7 still, and didn't have any updates recently. Thanks for reply. I'll look and see if anything was installed but I'm sure windows didn't do an update. It may be because I'm still using 7 and not 10.

OK, so after extensive testing of every other softsynth I use. Avenger, Rapid, etc…The only one that crashes flstudio is Serum. Which is a real bummer since it's my go to synth for just about every project I do. Like I said before, it only started after I installed the latest update. Is there a way to roll back to a previous version?

I've rolled my computer back to a restore point the day before I installed the latest version of serum and everything seems to be fine except….I have paid for presets that require a newer version. It's currently at version 1.248 which I'm pretty sure I had an update between April of last year and now. but I cannot run the latest 1.303 at all in flstudio. btw, is there anyway if there is an update between 1.248 and 1.303 that I can get a download link to it so I can get some of my presets to run. Some of these are fairly critical for what I was working.


I can provide other versions, however since it's running fine for others, I would recommend starting with renaming your Serum Presets folder (Serum Presets-old) and re-run the latest full version installer.

Thanks Steve. I'm actually in the process of reinstalling my drivers for the sound-card etc…I just did a complete fresh install of serum and ran the projects I had saved using 1.303 of serum and haven't had a crash yet, so maybe something just got corrupted somewhere. If anything changes I'll re-post here. Really appreciate the help.