Audio performance problems with own preset

Started by Leon T

Leon T

Hey guys,
I searched the forum and found nothing on the subject.

I'm using Serum in Cubase AI 10 and it runs quite normally. However, I have a problem with a preset I made myself. If I play a midi track with it, it rakes after a few seconds, there are dropouts and "avarage load" and "real time peak" in the audio performance display of Cubase reach 100%.

The PC is new and specialized for audio (i9 8 Core - 32 GB Ram - 2x 512 M.2 SSD …) With other VSTis and even with the included presets from Serum there no problem. The CPU of the computer is also all time at a low level.

I hope you can help me, because I'm really at a loss.


I would recommend to look at POLY in the lower-right, and see if the number is large in the "fraction" (voice count) with the given MIDI and if so perhaps reduce POLY or unison counts. If the problem seems unrelated to anything there perhaps there is some issue with the preset itself, if you want me to look here my email is [email protected]