Can I use Serum to create samples I sell directly, or even create a sample based instrument?

Started by darthdeus


I can't find this anywhere on the website, but having browsed EULAs of other synths it seems the world is divided into two camps. One only allow musical usage, others say "do whatever you want with the sounds you make", and I'm wondering what's the answer for Serum?

Can I create e.g. a bunch of Braam sounds with Serum, export them as .wav, and create a Kontakt instrument or a sample pack that I'll sell to other musicians? Some developers seem to also explicitly prohibit selling to other musicians regardless if it's samples or mixed.



With a Serum license, you're allowed to do use Serum in any sound design capacity. Of course with that said, some third party presets could be restricted and you should check accordingly or use original content. If you are creating your own sounds / not using 3rd party Noise files or wavetables, you will be in the clear.


Hey Steve. How is it with using the noise oscillator? Only stock serum stuff of course. Because this is also partly sample-based, no?



Yes, of course someone could load anything in there - I can't vouch for any content that does not come with Serum, noise oscillator or not - you should always ask for permission if using someone else's work in your own work.