Can someone direct me to the Xfer Serum manual?

Started by Ethan Sorrow

Ethan Sorrow

I've looked all over the web trying to find the manual for this thing but to no avail! Naturally this was the first place I thought to look, but the only thing I see is the option to purchase Serum.  Any ideas?

If you download and install the Serum demo, the installer unpacks the manual.

Serum_Manual.pdf should be in the default install directory which, if you are on windows, should be something like X:\Users\[user]\Documents\Xfer\Serum Presets

 From within Serum (or Serum demo) you can use  Menu->Read the Manual
(or Menu->Show Serum Presets folder to reveal the .pdf manual itself).


I like to read things like manuals from my phone when I'm out and about, not just sitting at my production desk. Is there not a normal link to the manual I can download from the website?

Menu->Show Serum Presets folder will give you the PDF and you can transfer it to your phone.