Can't save presets on bought Serum

Started by yashi

I've had a problem with my Serum (bought using Splice) and im unable to save any presets.. Any fixes?


I got the same problem. Nothing happen when I click the save icon. Can you help me?


It's possibly because of your account name:
You could try moving that "Serum Presets" folder from \Documents\Xfer\Serum Presets\Presets
to C:\

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I have the same problem I saw posted on Reddit 5 days or so ago. When I save a preset the UI "goes blank" and is unresponsive. My current workaround is to close and reopen Serum. The preset does save correctly, my only issue is the "blank" UI. Any help would be much appreciated. I am on MacOs so the "move Presets to C:/ " fix doesn't help my situation. Serum has become my goto synth and hope there is a fix for this issue. Thanks in advance for your time with this matter.

I cant save presets either on full paid , updated version of Serum. It sucks working on a sound for a while and having to re-sample everything LOL. Any Advise?


@ johngrawlmusic please use the contact form and mention your DAW and OS.

Sorry to hear it - please use the contact form and mention your DAW and OS.


I replied to your email about this.

I have the same problem and i'm not finding any helpful advice, help !


Hi i've got the same problem, i could save my presets the day i installed Serum (Splice rent to buy), but now i can't save anything… it says: "Could not find the file" when i want to save… it's really annoying ican' do anything. Thanks.