Can You Sell or Transfer your Serum License?

Started by Lone Scientist

Correct, I don't allow license transfers, there was fraud taking place and that's not something I want to be involved with.


So annoyed to become aware of this change in policy, wouldn't had started the renting to own plan if this was the policy at the time.

An email or some warning would have been welcomed. Super shady and very hostile to users.


I don't agree, I think it's okay. Serum is one of the best plugins at the time and not sure if someone will become broke because of 200$ price tag, especially through splice.

I'm having trouble updating Serum through Splice. I was hoping I could transfer the license over to this account so that I could get real time updates. It's frustrating when working with other people who have the most updated version, and I can't even load their preset. Hope there is a way to solve this issue.

Registration is automatic - most likely you signed up on Splice with a different email address. Please use the contact form so I can help you locate your purchase, if you provide your username on Splice that should help me locate it!


Hi ı wanna to sell or refund my all xfer product pleasehelp me steve


I'm afraid that isn't a service I offer. Updates are free for life, for what it's worth.