Catalina Compatibility

Started by henridavies

Anyone tried using any Xfer plugins with Catalina? Preferably LFO Tool

I'm using the latest version of Serum in Ableton Live 9.7.7 64 bit and have no issues except Live always telling me on start that it has crashed, but the program is running normally. Maybe some parameter changes are sometimes a tiny bit delayed but mostly unnoticable. I'd also like to know how LFO Tool is working in Catalina.

There are no current issues. The software is not officially Catalina compatible, because a future update to Catalina will increase security and may cause installation troubles. However I expect to have new installers before that time.

So are the latest installers OSX Catalina ready yet ? Want to install in LIVE 10 on my new Mac pro

You should not have an issue in the current Catalina release, updates may be needed for a future Catalina version.

Any tips/solution to install manualy mode Serum in MacOS with Catarina?

You should not need to install manually, make sure you have the latest Serum installer, please use the contact form if I can assist further.


Hey, I'm having problems using Cthulhu on Osx Catalina, logic pro x can't recognise it. any solution?


There is a 1.2 beta atop the Cthulhu forum which is updated for Catalina, the old one should work with a machine restart.


Chtulhu demo on OSX Catalina, Ableton Live 10, MacBook Pro 16" does NOT work. Any date for a working release?


Make sure VST2 System Folders are enabled in Live 10->Preferences->Plugins. There will be an updated demo soon.


Any updates regarding OSX Catalina compatibility for all Xfer records products?


The commercial products are all compatible, at least in beta form for customers.


Thanks Steve! I guess you'll place an official update on the page when you're finally finished the beta testing phase!?


Thats right, I will update the demo as well.


Having trouble with LFOTool (v1.708) on macOS 10.15.6 with Logic Pro X 10.5.1. Sometimes when enabled, LFOTool just doesn't work. Sound passes right through it and is unmodified, even though there is preset selected or manually drawn in.


You need to press play in the DAW (transport) or uncheck the anchor switch.