Cthulhu and Logic problem - triggering the sequences in A-L

Started by Jonny Strinati

Jonny Strinati

Only noticed this recently, but it seems MIDI notes are triggering the sequences stored in A-L in Cthulhu. Which makes it impossible to use.

As soon as I play a chord in order to sequence the chord notes in Cthulhu the chord notes trigger the sequences stored in A-L. SO the sequence that's playing back and in focus keeps jumping around.

On Logic Pro 10.5.1

The lowest octave of MIDI notes will change patterns. Make sure you are using Cthulhu on a MIDI FX insert. If you are still stuck I would recommend a new project, if that causes issue perhaps you can email it to me -> [email protected]

Jonny Strinati

So I've since discovered this problem is only occurring when triggering Cthulhu from my Novation Launchpad X. So I imagine a problem with the Launchpad rather than Cthulhu.