Cthulhu drag & drop

Started by Marc.demm


Hi Steve,

Is it possible to drag & drop midi out in the latest version of Cthulhu in my DAW? This would be great for using in Logic Pro X.

Kind regards,


Yes, you can in the latest full version. If you need help locating your registration, please use the contact form!




I've got the full version, where is this option exactly? can't find it…


you can alt-drag the Cthulhu 'monster' for the current chord or the A-L button for a 1-bar Arp render.

whenever I alt-dragged A to L, it only sent one chord Steve. It was the input chord, but what I wanted was the midi output including how the arpeggiator was affecting that chord by splitting it up in different ways over the course of 16 steps. Is there no way to export that or drag it from cthulhu ?