Cthulhu: feature questions/wishes

Started by anselm

I have a few questions about Cthulhu. Unfortunately, Logic Pro 10.4.4 does not list Cthulhu as a MIDI plugin. So I cannot just test it. I intended opening the manual. It seems that requires starting the plugin first. I don't see the manual as separate download.
So I am asking here:

Is it possible to set a number of steps after which the currently played step is reset to step ?
I don't see that on the panel.
Example: You set a 3 step arpeggio and every 2 bars, you want the arpeggio jump to step 1, wherever it is in its sequence.
Does this work somehow with the current version of Cthulhu.

When using chord mode, can Cthulhu use exclusively the chords of a currently loaded set of chords or can I play any chords on my MIDI keyboard and Cthulhu will trigger those?

Is it possible to record MIDI inside Cthulhu and then drag and drop the recording as a MIDI file into a DAW?
Logic has no built-in function to record the MIDI output of MIDI plugins and it's been said that is also the case in FL Studio (not sure of that is correct).

I suppose, this is not implemented: Free step length.
Additionally to the common musical timings, I'd like to be able to set any timing division. Instead of having a bar divided into 16 steps, I might want to try 3, 5, 7, 9, 13, 15 … steps of equal length for each bar.
There are Max for Live sequencer for Eucledean rhythms. Those however automatically set note values, too, I think. I don't have Ableton Live. But from what I have seen in videos, you can't set your own notes.
So that is something that I would love to see as an option.

Of these 4 things, the ones that aren't possible yet, could potentially be implemented relatively easily if Steve thinks they would be a good addition.

There is one other thing that I want to mention which goes beyond the current concept. Wether it makes sense for Steve, is up to him, of course. But I want to put it out there.
I'd love to have something like Cubase Chord Assistant's/Chord Pads' circle of fifth chord selection tool as a MIDI plugin (as seen here in Cubase https://youtu.be/tCAzECMjQOg?t=45 ).


Hi Anselm,

There will be an updated demo version reasonably soon, I'm working on a bunch of things that need QA first, there is a beta version for registered users with (M1, Big Sur and later) support.

Chord mode triggers chords from a loaded set of chords. If you want to add chords, you can trigger an empty slot, then click "Learn" and play the chord(s) you want to add to the current chord set.

There is a 3rd party plugin from audiocr.com called MIDI FX Freeze, I think it's a bit odd that Logic doesn't let you print MIDI FX native, it seems silly for every plugin to implement a capture function. Cthulhu can export a selected chord, or an arp pattern (on the last chord played) with drag and drop.

As for 3 and 4 (capture, free steps, other features) not possible currently, I don't really discuss future plans in public for a bunch of reasons, but I do have high hopes for the future of Cthulhu.

Hey Steve,

Thanks for taking time to reply.
I do have the MIDI FX Freeze. I keep on sending the developers of Logic feedback so they add the feature. It would also make sense to do that MIDI bounce offline. Why would you need to wait for a sequence to play through in realtime? That could be instant.

Defining chords to play doesn't do the trick for me. I want to play chords. Typically, when I make chord sequences gated-style and stabs, I do that live. I am pretty good at that by now. But it would be cool with complex chords if I could focus on the chords and just hold them and let a tool do the rhythmic triggering. That would be particularly helpful for experimentation.
As it is, when I have rhythmic sequence played in live, changing the rhythm would mean a lot of clicking.
My approach to a subjectively perceived lack of features typically is 'whatever, I just play it live'.
All roads lead to Rome. But some tools enable more experimentation.
There could be one row added to the arp-type tab to trigger all notes.

Are you interest in feature ideas for Cthulhu general at this point in time? I understand that you wouldn't want to discuss your thoughts about how to evolve your project(s). That's fair.
But if you are interested in user input, I might leave a few more ideas here.