cthulhu not woking with my midi keyboard

Started by Harmene21

can anyone tell me how to set this up in Logic Pro x with midi keyboard ? What are the midi setting you need to apply to get this to work ? the keyboard i am using is an Alesis V25. cthulhu is triggered with the virtual keyboard within logic but not with my controller. When Arp mode only my 8 pads are triggering cthulhu but again that is only in ARP Mode.

You need to change the controller to transmit on MIDI channel 1. Please refer to the manual of your V25 for assistance doing that.

Hi…to be honest I have hardly spent more than five minutes with Nora, due to lack of time, nothing else, and I got Cthulhu mainly for the chords function, which is fantastic, but as I haven't really tried its arp yet, I can't say how it compares to Nora, sorry!
I don't think it's anything to do with Nora or Cthulhu themselves, because they were both working fine two weeks ago, and I haven't upgraded either of them since then.