Customer User Presets

Started by Derek_D


I don't see a way to delete user presets in the Serum UI. You, can, of course, delete them from the OS filesystem, but then the problem is that the old listings remain in the preset database, even after you "Rescan folders on disk". You can delete the database and force Serum to rebuild it, but then you lose all your category tags and star ratings.

Maybe I'm overlooking a way to do it. So I have the same question. Is there an easy way to delete user presets – both from the disk and from the preset database, so that they no longer show in the browser?


Yes, make sure you have the latest Serum, there is a delete preset option in the top-right of the browser.


Yes that works. I was looking at the wrong place — "Rescan folders on disk" in the Menu at top right of the main page just left of the Master Volume knob.

You pointed me to the pull-down menu at the upper right of the browser page. The Delete Preset command deletes it from disk, and then the Rescan Database command removes it from the browser listing. Problem solved. Thank you!