Deadmau5 Arp + Filter trick

Started by Revenant

at [27:30 mins] deadmau5 uses this setup to make his sequenced "loops" over beats. Can anyone (pref duda) show us the routing and filter for this in ableton? He says he's just using an arp > filter and modulating the filter while the arp rate moves it. I assume he's using cthulhu. This is a very useful trick i've been trying to figure out for a very long time. it's not as simple as routing cthulhu to vst and slapping a filter on the chain next to the vst. he says there's 3 layers to this and adding some sub thing. thx


I'm not willing or able to show anything Joel isn't divulging, it could be proprietary software him, myself, or others have made, or unreleased stuff.

ok, did you watch the timestamp? Joel says what it is but it's unclear exactly what he's doing. i guess he's just routing 3 audio sources to cthulhu and slapping a filter over them but i'd like to know for sure so I can create my own rack. it doesn't seem like it's anything proprietary but i could be wrong. he mentions something about changing the timing on the filter routing. it almost seems like the arp is moving the filter. maybe he's using cytomic the drop step sequencer? maybe this could be done with cthulhu + lfotool. anyway, thx for reply. any help is appreciated.


sure thing, as I mentioned I'm not going to chime in here.