Differences between OTT v1.33 and OTT v1.35

Started by cxyvdgev

OTT v1.35 has the knobs centered slightly more to the right than OTT v1.33, the knob shadows are suddenly cut off, and there are two Dnwd Strgth in the plug-in parameter. Is this a bug?
What happens when I manipulate this second Dnwd Strgth?
I use Windows 10 and Ableton Live.


I removed the filmstrip and tried to imitate the image with programmatic draw code. I'm not positive on the additional parameter, I'll look in to that- I believe it's a VST3/bypass related parameter which should be hidden, you could use the VST2 an I expect it will not show.

Thank you for your reply. I understand about the parameters, but I think the knobs are not being conveyed properly, maybe because of the translator I am using, so let me explain again.


So you want the angle of the 0.0 dB or 100 % knob to be +/- 0°. And since that was only achieved in v1.33, I want it back to that state.
As for the issue of the knob shadows suddenly being cut off, it looks strange, but considering that the color contrast ratio is higher and the labels are easier to read, at worst I don't think there is any problem with it as it is.
Best regards.


It's a sublety I did not notice but I do see what you mean, I'll be sure to improve it in a future update!