Does Cthulu work on M1 Macs?

Started by aninvisibleman-splice


I wanted to play around with this plugin, but when I downloaded it I couldn't get any audio.
Turned off the plugin - audio.
I'm using Logic Pro X.
I have it inserted as a Midi Effect.

my understanding is all MIDI FX AU are broken in Logic currently under Silicon.
If you enable Rosetta by getting info on the Logic app icon, it should work.

I just got a new M1 Max Macbook Pro with Monterey and installed Cthulhu. The installer seemed to go ok; I re-scanned my plugin directories under Live 11, and restarted Live, but Cthulhu simply doesn't show up in the list of available plugins.

Is there anything special I have to do to get this to run on an M1 mac? Does it need Rosetta?


You need to be signed in to the account you purchased Cthulhu under - contact us via the support page if you're having trouble locating your purchase.


Dear Steve, I'd like to install the demo before i decide on the purchase, but as @lucidbyte already mentioned, the demo does not run on M1 machines.


Ok hang on - I need to shut up ;D
A hard restart of the M1 actually allowed Live11 to find the the Demo AU … not the VST tho.

AU translates to Rosetta. The demo is not ARM native at this point, you can enable Rosetta on Live the Live app for evaluation. There is an ARM native beta for customers. The demo will be updated soon after it is released formally.


Hi Guys,

The dropbox link doesn't seem to work anyhmore. Could somebody re-upload the Beta M1 compliant version ?

Many thnaks cheers

Is there anything special I have to do to get this to run on an M1 mac? Does it need Rosetta?

M1 native / VST3 is available in beta for customers, the demo will be updated relatively soon but needs Rosetta at the moment, I believe.


Hi Steve, it looks like Cthulu has a bug on Apple silicon Macs. When I restart my DAW (Ableton 11.3.3 running natively on Apple Silicon) on my M2 Max MacBook Pro (Ventura 13.4), Cthulu seems to reset its state to having chords engaged, and the "A" pattern selector. To resume working on my project as it was, I deactivate the chords button, select the pattern C, and continue on and everything is fine. But if the DAW closes, Cthulu boots up with pattern "A" selected and the chords button enabled. Is this intended behavior? Maybe I need to change something? Otherwise, I think it's a little bug. Thanks for your help!


Hello, I’m interested in purchasing cthulhu but I’m on m1 mac. Are m1 chips supported ? I couldn’t get the demo to work with ableton 11.