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Hi Steve,
I don't know if it's just me or what, but the download speed here (Paris, France) is incredibly low (02-15 ko/s). I precise that I'm not downloading anything on the side. It's taking me like 30 minutes to get the 10Mo serum FX. Do you know if it comes from your servers ?

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We use Amazon S3 which tends to be really fast. I max out my bandwidth downloading. My web admin in Barcelona also can get incredibly fast download speeds. It unfortunately is probably your ISP or local network, perhaps just a temporary glitch.

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Its very slow here in Iceland as well 30kb per sec 13 hours to download nerve

Hi Ed,
Have you tried downloading more than one time? If so, are downloads slow for you each time? It is unlikely that the source of the problem is on our side (Amazon S3), but there can be network issues along the way from time to time.

Same for me, I have a very slow download (Serum OSX version), between 5-30ko/s and at some point the download fails.
I tried to change the DNS, download from another computer, same results.
I'm from France if it helps!


the same here in bavaria, germany download extreme slow

Same issue here, I can´t download a demo. Andalucía, Spain.

Dot Prime

Okay it went fast this morning, I just guess the ds is bad when it's midday in the us

Hello, tried since ysterday to download my purchased Serum but thats a tricky one… downloadspeed is horrible to 0 kb/s…. waited till the US sleeps but the same thing 0 - 30 kb/s. Thats really not cool for a 189 Euro product.

Make amazon fire under the ass pls, in regards



I'm sorry to hear it, I've sent my web admin this way. Contact me and let me know your OS, I can provide a mirror.

Hello Steve,

I downloaded it with 30 kbits but stable and without interruption but thanks! Cannot say why it was so slow, I am from Austria and I asked a german friend, he said his DL speed was okay and fast! I loaded a few GB from another site with 2MB\s so I couldnt understand why 150MB taking this long ;).

Thanks for your fast answer and for your great work with serum! I am a Reason user only so Serum is my first and only vst ;).


I'm getting the same issue, unfortunately. I'm getting about 0-30kb/s speeds and I can't get past 80mb downloaded without getting a "Failed - Forbidden" error.

Downloading anything else from other sites works fine, so I'm reasonably sure the problem isn't on my end.


Sorry to hear it - This is probably your ISP throttling Amazon S3 by IP address. Every time someone has had this issue, it's been lightning fast for me. However I've asked my web admin to look in to it further to see if we can find an automated mirror option.

Hi Steve, I'm getting insanely slow download speeds in Berlin as well. I cannot believe that Amazon S3 would be so slow, I'm using it myself for my own products.


Same here in Jamaica, and i don't have a slow internet connection. I have been downloading my purchase for 3 hours now and i have not reached 5% yet. Can anyone from ReFx chime in and say why this is happening as i have never had any problems or slow speeds downloading any of my huge software libraries in the past ever!


Sorry to hear that, we use AmazonS3 which tends to be reliable. Some ISP's can have some IP addresses throttled, or there can be issues elsewhere in the internet routing. I would recommend trying another computer/ISP if possible. Or you may use the contact form and mention the download/OS and I can provide a mirror.

Hi Steve,

I purchased Serum now and the download speed is extremely slow and it's failing eventually. Could you please help me?
I tried multiple times and it's failing.


Hopefully all is well, AmazonS3 must have had an issue.


Just purchased Serum, and am having this problem as well (location: Sweden), internet (DL/UL) works fine except for with this task. Any idea how I can solve it? Is there an installer available on any other host?

Same from Germany. 100 mbit connection just checked with but the download only has max 30 KB/s


Same issue from South Africa! Max 30KB download speed, until it eventually drops to 0.


We use Amazon S3 distributed which tends to be reliable. I'll have my web admin look to see if we can expand to additional mirrors.