Downloaded my purchased copy but it still asks if I wish to buy or try

Started by TTB


how to I complete the registration process so I am sure the purchased version, not the demo? 


I'mhaving exactly the same problem here and i have Reason 10,Ableton live 10 suite flstudio and reaper and renoise it's unlocked fine in all my other daws. thanks. also after 20 minutes inlive 10 it'll say "please remove reinsert Serum ..


The Serum Demo is a separate plugin file.
Look in Live preferences->File/Folder -> VST Custom folder
It is likely a differen folder than your other DAWs. In any case delete Serum.dll / Serum_x64.dll in that location and any subfolders and make sure Serum is not available at all in Live, then re-run the update installer.