Embedding Serum?

Started by Skareeg

This is going to sound oddball, but can Serum be embedded into an application to provide realtime music capabilities to the application? The users would not be able to use Serum directly, as it would just be used to receive midi events from the application. I am assuming a no on this (licensing issue), but I would like to know your thoughts.

You are correct in that you are not permitted to distribute Serum without an appropriate license. A "GUI-less" Serum is licensed by some tech companies for AI cloud music generation and the like, but I do try to avoid custom work (they're licensing normal Serum and not presenting the UI).

Thought so. Thanks for your information! This was more of just a curiosity on my part. If people had the processing power for it, music synthesis in games (that react to in game events) has always been an interest in mine. I am assuming then, that mayhaps I could generate larger samples of sounds with sounds (think looping ambiances and the like) and just queue them in dynamically.