File Types???

Started by Alexander Porras

Alexander Porras

Could someone please tell me the difference between an .FXP file and a .NMSV file? i think this is the reason my recently purchased presets arent working. 
Please help!!

NMSV = Native Instruments Massive

FXP = "VST" preset.  You can't be sure what synth it is for without opening  it in a hex viewer (or maybe a text editor).  
For instance, Serum presets will show "XfsX" for the 16-20th chars of the file.


Is there any documentation on the encoding of serum presets?


Serum preset file format is complex/programmatic and isn't public. I hope to make it more open in the future / new format with conversion or import.

There is public info on the Serum wavetable format.
This is an example 'clm ' chunk from a Serum-created wavetable (.wav) File:

<!>2048 01000000 wavetable (
Serum currently assumes 2048 (samples per frame) at all times, so as of now 2048 should always be written there.

Only the two first flags are currently used:

• the first flag is the WT interpolation [0 = no interpolation, 1 = linear crossfades, 2,3,4 = spectral morph]

• the second flag is "Serum Factory WT" which means Serum assumes this file comes with Serum and everyone already has it - thus it will not embed in to user presets to keep file sizes down. PLEASE DO NOT ENABLE THIS FLAG IF YOU ARE CREATING WAVETABLES - please leave it to zero, thank you very much. If you want a similar flag for yourself to identify tables as factory or otherwise for your product, drop me a line and I will reserve you a flag or a different value on that flag.