FL Studio Not recognising Serum (rented through Splice)

Started by ThomasMulcahey-splice


I just rented out Serum on Splice and downloaded it. However, when I went to open it on FL Studio it came up with an error message saying the Plugin failed to load - (AU(- native)).

I don't know what this means but it for some reason it won't recognise that I downloaded Serum. Not sure if this is a common thing or just to do with me renting through splice.

any help would be greatly appreciated.


Also where do I re-install Serum if I rented it through Splice as it is not coming up for me to re-install it

You should be able to install from here:
Once payments start (3 days if not manually done sooner) you can download from here on xferrecords.com as well.

I would recommend to use the VST version, and not the AU. I'm not totally clear on the AU message, you could try restarting the mac. In any case, in FL Studio->Options->Plugin Manager, add a VST path (Folder+ button in top-left) to exactly:
Then "Start Scan" / "Find Plugins" (this name is different in different FL versions) and you should see Serum (VST) in the main list.

Hope this helps,