Fl Studio sees no serum plug

Started by Kick3r1234

As in the title. I even formatted the drive already and nothing helped. Installs plug as usual Program files (x86) / IMAGE LINE / FL STUDIO 20 and copies to Generation. Files without a folder, fl studio cannot see, but with a folder "The plugin Serum couldn't be found or opened.
If it has to be unlocked, please make sure that you unlocked it correctly."
I don't know what's going on … Anyone able to help ??

You should not put VST plugins in FL Generators folder. That is for FL plugins only.

If you are unfamiliar with VST Plugins, you should have a VSTPlugins folder.

I personally use C:\VSTPlugins but you can make the folder elsewhere.

Install Serum VST to this location when running the installer.

In your DAW, you need to set it to look for VST Plugins at this location.

in FL Studio: -> Options ->Manage Plugins, and add a Search Path in top-left to your VST folder location (e.g. C:\VSTPlugins) containing Serum.dll / Serum_x64.dll

now everything works fine :) steve_xfer Thank you for your help. You made me happy now !