free lifetime updates?

Started by Lockmatik


Hi Steve,
Are you still offering free lifetime updates to people who buy Serum or was that just a promotional offer for Fall 2014?



Hi Josh,
All products have lifetime free updates - as a purchaser of much software myself, I find myself not wanting to pay for updates (in particular,  I'm most annoyed when the new features do not interest me much and I really just want the bug fixes) so I decided to make all updates free for life.   I hope/believe I make the revenue back in other ways, such as repeat customers and word-of-mouth.

Warm Regards,

Im probably dumb for asking but where do i update serum at? I purchased it last year


The serum updates are still life time free right?? I just bought it so I wanted to know.


Thank you for your support with your Serum purchase. Yes, updates are always free!