Future Cthulhu Update??

Started by producervdub


I used this little baby at a friends house, and first off let me say wow!!! I love the plugin. I made a few presets of my own, and i'm planning on buying this puppy for sure.
BUT.. Steve, i believe 1 thing would make this the perfect plugin. The ability to transpose. 

Yes, i know there's a transpose feature, but i'm talking about the ability to do that and it actually changes the notes shown as well. I've created my own preset which is in f minor
and i want to create that same presets for each of the 12 keys, but i don't want to have to go in and spend hours pulling each note down, or playing each chord over in each key, nor do i want to use the transpose feature that's stuck showing an f minor chord but playing in C minor. 

Let me know if that can be worked out and i'm pulling the trigger on this puppy asap, or if it's already a feature and i'm just too blind to see it.. thanks!!!

Producer Vdub

I could add something like that in the future.  In my opinion f you're creating a lot of chords it's easier to do it in a host "piano roll" and the learn (or MIDI import) it in to Cthulhu.  It is easy to transpose all this note data and re-import at the new pitch.


I think you should add the ability to show the midi chord layout
opposed to just the one note, is there an update?