Gaps between frequencies in waveform generation

Started by MtZay

Good day! For me your instrument (Serum) is the best in synthesis. BUT there is a very unpleasant little thing that spoils the impression. As we know, the operating range of most DAWs is 20-20000hz, but unfortunately Serum has only 512 bins for this entire range, which is why there are significant holes in the signal, about 40hz. This greatly affects the sound and shape of the waveform.
I understand that this decision was probably made for the sake of reducing the load on the system, but maybe there are plugins for some average filling of these holes to a uniform signal? Or maybe there is an option in Serum itself? screen spectrum

This is the harmonic series, if you play 100 Hz, then the harmonics are 200 Hz, 300 Hz, 400 Hz, etc. As you get to the high frequencies this spacing is quite narrow to our ears (e.g. 12000 Hz, 12100 Hz, etc).

Frequencies in the gaps are inharmonic, they can be formed by mashing more keys on the piano, or using a noise sample, etc.