Got inspired by steve to make my own free software for fun. A little preview, and suggestions will be much appreciated

Started by marvinhar


Theres a lot of drum modules coming out that do interesting things. Such as the ones from noise engineering and steady state fate I wanted to create my own with Serum style looping envelopes or lfos. This is what I have so far. Modulating the decay time by hand is one of my favorite things to do so far


I started adding more features it got ugly i will try to find a weekend to perfect it but skip the modulations it will be a lot skimpier than I had hoped. Until the next release!

keith Lane

My VST arsenal is so missing a good hihat plug in, I love Sonic Academy Nicky Romero's Kick Just wish there was a plug in like that for HiHats with choke and a maybe even a pattern editor. food for thought ?


A free gating plugin would be cool. There’s a lot of paid ones that offer multiple features to chop and change, but a gating plugin that allows for volume shaping and chopping etc. Say… over 8-32 bars - would be sick. Yeah you can do it with automation but plugins make it more fun and easier