GUI mock up?

Started by wcompton


Hey Steve!

I have this idea for an application. Not a synth but more like a music notation application. I'm a few months in to the process of learning C++ and have yet been able to wrap my head around how you finish programming the logic for an application without simultaneously creating the GUI for it? Did you do a rough draft of the GUI while you were working on the code for any of your apps or did you have everything coded out before you started thinking about it? I'd appreciate your input. I'm sure I'll look back at this one as a silly question. Lol. Thanks! -Will


GUI and logic interaction takes some thought. I'm probably not the best person to ask about the correct way to do things, I tend to sketch in code and then refactor as needed.

GUI design takes a lot of work, this doesn't really even show half of Serum iterations, I began with an entirely vector UI not pictured:


I love that light version in the video. I would give anything to have that skin. Well maybe not anything, but I really want a "Light" Serum skin.


There are a few, like "Frost" by Cymatics and "Dirty White" by Echo Sound Works. Lance was working on a white skin at some point, maybe he'll finish it someday.