Help with Nerve and Cubase

Started by DubPug-splice



I have recently purchased Nerve for use with Cubase but I had some trouble during installation.

Despite asking for my serial key upon use - the nerve pop-up still displays demo in the bottom panel.

I am trying to use the Render Mix to Audio function by using shit+alt+ctrl and dragging into the workspace but nothing happens.

Is this feature supported in Cubase Elements 10.5?

If I drag out individual pads it works as it should and copies without a problem.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you for the help and sorry if this question has been answered previously.

The "demo" is an artwork bug which appears on some systems. The beta version atop the Nerve forum will resolve that.
Cubase will not import files with keyboard modifiers held down, so in Cubase, you need to drag out of Nerve's window and then once out of Nerve's window, keep the mouse button held but release the keyboard keys, and the drag operation should work.

Hope this helps,