Hey Steve! Im struggling to get the update going on my Serum, WIN 10 PRO gen10.i5

Started by ㄇ ㄖ ㄆㄐㄑ ㄉ ㄒ ㄉ プ ㄇㄢ

ㄇ ㄖ ㄆㄐㄑ ㄉ ㄒ ㄉ プ ㄇㄢ

First off, So happy to have finnalyy unlocked my favorite tool forever! Bravo, your work is bar-none the most heartfelt, and no surprise why yuour plugin will reign supreme for pratically… ever reaqlly.. relatively obviously… but I digress.

Bought it off Splice because had paid 100 already and obv. Splice for whatever reason has an app that stronbgly dislike me and has NEVER been able to update your plugin, amongst others annnyways. Please tell me you got a link for me brother, or something to that effect.

One last question if even answerable/worth answering, I managed to turn my art into wavetable, in such a capacity that the number of potential table is reaching 500 GB, I wanted to ask you something about that, because in on way or another because of the colour pallete i tend to adhere to and my obsession with phi, they are all not only harmonically rich, but there are vast amount of odd formants and inharmonics that have honestly been a complete adventure into a wonderful world but I did have some rather hard to articulate question abo0ut the parser and also the scanning formats, if something could be done as sorta of like an AI or machine learning added to it, to identify certain things, almost like a rudimentary "smart" sample and hold function. the reason being is I have noticed some amazing feedback result in polyphony but I wonder if perhaps you could have the wavetable speak to each other, it hard to put to words what Im thinking.. but regardless thanks again for being awesome and my best wishes to you and yours during the holidays :)


You should be able to update on xferrecords.com - your lease is not in your account, I assume you started the lease on Splice using a different email address. Let me know your Splice username via the contact form if you're stuck.

re: importing images to wavetable, luminance is used, which is a scaled sum of RGB. I'm not really clear on the rest.