how do i make serum work on Logic Pro X

Started by Lukrluk

so ive installed the serum demo, and i can go into logic and see it in the browser. But i dont know what to do AFTER that like where to put it or anything. Help?

like how can i pull it up and use it and what not? sorry im a noob at these things


Try restarting the computer (apple menu->restart), this is apparently needed under High Sierra to reset the AU Cache. Then in Logic, you should see Serum under Instruments insert pop-up menu (software instrument fader, where ES1, ES2, Ultrabeat etc appear) under AudioUnits->Xfer Records.

Hope this helps,

so i restarted my computer, and i looked where you said i should (the place with the ES1 ES2 and ultrabeat Ect.) and i dont see serum, or audiounits or xfer records! Could you help me find it? or what i need to do to get it?

oh wait!! i found it after some looking! haha thank you very much steve :))