How Do You Install the Updates for Serum?

Started by d2thaj88

This may sound stupid, but I just installed the Serum demo after purchasing it and loaded all the presets for v1.0. I'm having trouble installing the updates and don't know how to get it to v1.09beta? Btw I'm running it with FL studio on Windows 10.  Basically, I downloaded the updates, but when I click on them in my downloaded folder it wont open? Do I send them to a different folder? When I go to the actual plugin in FL studio and click on about it says im still running v1.0?


uninstall it completely then reinstall it again followed by the update then put the presets into the documents folder in your documents under Xfer

But where can I actually find the update. All I can do is download Serum 1


just bought serum today steve. Updated and all. the gui is messed up, and i cant load 3rd party presets, just my own patches. get back to me please !! 

So if you install the middle update, do you still have to uninstall and reinstall? Because i can get to deleting the serum.dll file and all, but it still shows up in fl12 even though it wont load. What should i do?
I use serum for nearly all my leads :(

I just wanted to update serum and did the middle update (just the update not the whole installer again). When I open Serum in FL20 I go to the about section in serum under menu and it says im in 2.53 but when I go to the about section of serum using the settings of FL20 it says im on version 2.63. But when I open some presets it says i'll have to update serum? Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance,

Llewelyn Parry

Ayo Steve, I cant find the serial number for serum in Xfer Records website and I cant find the available downloads tab as well. Can you help please?. Thank You.