How many computers can I use serum on at the same time?

Started by muzinem

how many computers can i put serum on after I buy it? I have a pc and laptop i need to use it my studio away from home . regards

You can install it on your machines.  The license is for an individual.
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the question isn't fully answered. i too am looking to buy serum right now but not keen unless i am able to install on my mac and pc. is it single licensed or am i able to do this?

Yes you're allowed to use it on your Mac and PC!  I'm a cross-platform user myself and could never charge people twice - I understand the feeling well!

I just bought it and thought about this after !! Thanks for the info and not making me cry!
Awesome plug :)


How many machines can I put Serum on at once? Is there a limit? (I know  I can only have Ableton Live on two computers at once)


Hi! I wish to expand the question. Steve, you say the license is for one induvidual and his/her limitless machines. But what if, say, me and one mate within the same music project use the plugin on our individual machines for collaboration on one same track (or several). Is that within the line?

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Hi Alex,

You can only install Serum on machines you personally own. Licenses are not to be shared.

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My brother has serum and i should be able to use it. He should be able to put it on my computer. There should be a sibling share option for the liscence lol jk. Gotta make more money

Dereck Guillaume Bignoux

Can i install serum on 2 mac if bought ? i need it on both mac i have

I have Serum on two computers (a PC and a mac), but I'm going to buy a new mac soon. Will I be able to just download serum on my new computer and run it, or do I have to uninstall it or anything, before downloading it to a third machine? Note: all computers that serum is installed on, are in my home.


Great way to licence, i have a mac i use for live performance and on the road and a super powerful windows rig, love the fact i dont need to purchase again to use.

Please use the contact form with your name and date of purchase and/or other email address.

Matt Stevens

If already own Serum how do go about registering the demo version or downloading a full version
For example i recently downloaded FL Studio onto a new computer and registered it using my Image-Line account. Is there a similar process for Serum?

the demo doesn't unlock, you want to download the update installer in "your account".


run the full version installer in your account, and restart the Mac. Serum shows in your music making software (DAW).


How do I activate the full Serum vst with the license key I have? I can't figure it out.

The demo doesn't unlock - quit your DAW and run the full version installer in "your account" . Please use the contact form and mention your DAW and OS if you are still stuck.

Hey there, I would like reset my windows system just as a regular clean up, and technically this is seen as a new computer. Now I've read in this thread that it should be possible to use the license after the windows reset, but do I have to unauthorize my pc in some way?
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