how to uninstall the demo?

Started by kim.loco

hey,how do i uninstall the  demo of serum windows version?
it do not show up in windows uninstall panel.



There are no registry modifications, and thus no uninstaller.

Delete the Serum plug-in(s) from the folder(s) you chose on install. 

Delete the “Serum” folder in C:/Documents/(you)/AppData/Roaming/Xfer/ 

Delete  the “Serum Presets” folder in C:/Documents/Xfer/ 

Yes, you can simply run the update installer and it should override the demo. It is possible it won't overwrite on Windows if you select a different destination folder for the plugin, but this isn't typically an issue.


Having issues, says something about the writing or script when i try to install. I already have serum im trying to overide the original with the new because i cannot delete the original. Advice?

Try restarting the computer completely and manually delete the files. You need to provide me more specific information about the error and the OS so I'm not totally shooting darts in the dark.


I believe you are referring to Cthulhu, the full version installer is in "your account". Quit the DAW and run the full version installer. If Cthulhu is still showing as demo, please mention your DAW and OS.