Idea for a sample library application

Started by Endurance-splice


First of all, I'd like to thank you for Serum and LFO tool. Two indispensable tools in my workflow.

Secondly, I was thinking this would be kinda cool. What if someone developed an app that scanned your music library for sections of the song without beats.

would a detection algorithm be able to detect beatless sections of songs?

I think it could streamline sample finding. If you could just analyze all the files on your computer with a program. And then have the program flag “likely sampleable” sections, that you could then review. Cut it out and export the sample to a folder?

good idea?

Was thinking of trying to pitch this to Serato but, I couldn't find a department to contact. Then I thought maybe Xfer records would be interested in hearing about it.

It's an interesting idea I suppose (not something I've wished for, but I also don't sample from records for legal reasons). I appreciate you thinking of us, but I'm going to stick to the plugins (specifically maintaining the existing ones), at least in the near term.

It's possibly a good task for machine learning, as the challenge with it would be differentiating between transients from e.g. a guitar and transients from a drum. There are a lot of non-commercial developers in machine learning (university students, etc) and could make a nice project for someone.


Cool, thanks for your time Steve. Hopefully someone will want to take up this project if I find the right developer.