Is LFO Tool Apple Silicon native?

Started by cloudaeon


Hey Steve,

Quick question: How does LFO Tool currently work on Apple Silicon Macs? I think I heard some mention of it being Apple Silicon compatible, but does it run natively, or using Rosetta? (Asking before I make a purchase.)


Does it work on M2? I installed it for Pro Tools and can't seem to find it.

There is an AAX Silicon native (pre-release) atop the LFOTool forum.

How can I get to the pre-release if I bought the plugin through Splice?


I just installed the LFO tool to my M1 Mac Studio (Ventura) but the dll didn't appear inside the VST folders as it usually does. Has anyone else experienced this or knows a workaround? thanks


Hey Joe, I just came here for the same reason, cept I'm on Pro Tools, so it's the AAX version. I used it for a long time just fine, but I've updated a few things, and it's no longer showing up.


Thanks for the response, good to know you've had similar issues. I used an old .dll for now and every time I bypass or turn off LFO tool it stops the audio on the channel. Its unworkable like this so i was wondering if this is unique to Ventura or if anyone else has experienced similar issues. Thanks

There is an pre-release version atop the LFOTool forum I would recommend for Ventura or later.