Is there any way to put Cthulhu on the same track as an instrument/Synth, like Serum for example?

Started by Martymart1-splice


Hi! I wonder if there is any way to put Cthulhu on a track where it is placed before a synth and not on a separate track. Is this possible? It is integral to my workflow. As i have understood it is that with all the popular/major arpeggiators the arpeggiator needs to be placed on a separate track and routed. Why is that? Abletons own arpeggiator is able to be placed on the same track. Unfortunately it can only do basic patterns and not custom arpeggio patterns, so it's no good in this situation. If someone knows of an arpeggiator like this that can be placed on the same track and also is able to do custom patterns, please notify me.


This is a DAW design/functionality question, it is possible in Bitwig or Logic for instance, but not others that I'm aware of.


Thanks for the quick answer. Then i'll see to solve it some other way.

I think It's because Cthulhu can generates it's own sound that it's classified as an instrument and not an effect, and that is why you can't place it before another instrument. I think if it will be defined as an effect and lose the saw wave generator we will be able to do it, personally I never use Cthulhu's own sound and Ableton is also my DAW of choice so a version of Cthulhu without the saw sound will be better for me. I think this plugin should've always been a midi effect, it's just wrong that it's an instrument as it's obvious by its design that it was meant to work in tandem with other sound generators. It's not just the setup that's a hassle but also having to arm two tracks every time you want to switch back from a different track and constantly deleting the extra midi notes on the second track, it's a workflow killer. I think it's time to admit the saw generator is not a good fit with the purpose of this plugin and just remove it.

It wouldn't make any difference if Cthulhu was an effect instead (that would be worse in Live as it wouldn't get the MIDI notes from its own track, you'd then need three tracks to use Cthulhu in Live).

Unfortunately there is not such a thing as a "VST MIDI Effect". Bitwig will allow Cthulhu and a second instrument after it if I'm not mistaken. Logic supports AU MIDI FX to insert before the instrument, but even if Ableton supported this it would not benefit Windows users.

You can set Live to allow multiple plug-in windows to be open at once. You also don't need to arm two tracks, you can set monitor to In alternatively which will pass the MIDI input to the instrument in the track.

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Multiple plug-in windows is enabled but you still have to be on the right track for it to appear. You can set monitor to "in" but to listen back to what you recorded you still have to go back to "auto". Sorry I didn't know there's no such thing as a vst midi effect, It's a real shame, Cthulhu would have been perfect as one but I guess that's on Ableton. Thank you.

You can put the destination instrument on In, to be clear. Cthulhu should be driving it unless you print what Cthulhu is doing and want it to instead play from the track. There are other MIDI FX VSTs and should someone find a way to be more clever I would always welcome hearing about it, I sort of led the way with Cthulhu and I think that caused Logic to implement MIDI FX in part, so sometimes this stuff is good to relay to your DAW manufacturer of choice.

I make changes straight on the tracks because I sometimes use Cthulhu to drive more then one. and yes I'll defiantly try and let Ableton know at least one person wants this. It's weird to me it doesn't already exists, seems like the natural way to work, I kind of feel I'm reaching over my head with the opposite hand to scratch my ear.