Is there VST3 Support Planned?

Started by jonasobermueller


Hello, I love the XFer Plugins and have to say they feel like some of the most efficiently coded/stable ones I use.

Seeing however that Steinberg has now completely discontinued the VST2SDK I wonder if the XFer Plugins are planned to receive an update to VST3 Versions?


I have some plans there but I don't have an ETA or a guarantee of such.

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Yeah, this would be great to add that functionality. As a Cubase user, your plugins are useless to me now.

From Steinberg forum:

"VST2 will be supported into the foreseeable future, i.e. Cubase will continue to be able to host VST2 plugins; the only thing related to VST2 that is no longer supported by Steinberg is the VST2 "SDK", the software developer's kit for that version. By "no longer supported", it just means the SDK will see no further development. New developments will happen in the VST3 SDK. If you're not a software developer, it need not concern you. "


I like to second this request…

VST3 offers one feature I more and more miss with all my VST2 plugins more and more:
The ability to edit automation points in my DAWs with real values instead of percentage… this makes life so much easier!!

Please Steve!!! Serum as a VST3i would be the killer!! :)

I just purchased this and It is not affecting the Midi output to the synth in anyway. Is this because it is not VST3? If so, I'd like to politely request a refund


@steve_xfer If you do bring out a VST3 version of Serum, would this affect the way that Bitwig Studio is able to display all the .FXP presets in its browser? I've noticed that other synths have had problems with presets in their VST3 versions, and I'd hate to lose this ability 😉


If and when (more likely 'when') there is a VST3 version I certainly don't plan to rid the VST2 version.
VST3 has caused a lot of confusion as 3 is a larger number and therefore implied to be 'better' - while it does bring some features (+ the good ones could have been easily added to VST2), it is different enough from VST2 that its more of a new format than an upgrade.


Steve, can you please share any info what can we expect in Serum v2? Except maybe vst3 format, maybe more oscs and types of synthesis…more filters…? Thank you!


I'm sorry, I don't discuss future plans as they are subject to change, if becomes when, etc.


I'm so sorry but sometimes when I read threads like this if feel like "jeez how people that are going to make music on PC are so dumb, there is no way they will make it".