Just a Merry Christmas Shout Out to Steve :)

Started by zha3210

Just wanted to let you know how great your software really is. And that as a company you are so awesome. You take great care of Serum and I love that you do that. Please never ever sell it to any of those other guys cause if you did then nothing would ever work and they would probably make me pay them every month forever just in case they ever got anything right. I have never had any problems with Serum and I even have FL Studio but either you or FL Studio have already answered everything I have ever needed to ask.
So thank you from the bottom of my heart and have a beautiful Christmas.

Thank you for the kind words :). I am never selling anything I expect, I have had several offers to invest in the company this year, but I have never investigated that and I don't ever plan to (I know from friends how bad things can go with investors, for the users especially).
Instead I am very thankful for those who have supported me, I am happy to be able to re-invest time and money back in the products as a gift back to everyone who uses them!

Merry Christmas!

Thank you Steve for your wonderful creations and the time you spend perfecting them. The fact that you're sticking to an honest and fair business model and resisting the temptation of the cooperate route so many are taking to maximize profits should not be taken for granted and is a testament of your character. No doubt that you are loved by many and that you deserve every bit of your success and more.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah.