Just bought Serum, doesn't show in Ableton.

Started by tonediggity


I just purchased Serum and installed it, but when i open ableton live 9 and click on plug-ins, Serum does not show. What do I do?


Make sure you have "use VST System folders" (OSX) or the correct custom VST folder is set (Windows) on File/Folder tab of Live preferences.  Also verify if you see other VST plugins located in the same folder.  Please contact me through the contact page for more rapid support, and mention your exact OS version!


OMG the same thing has been happening to me! I just bought Serum, I had the demo and then I installed the update version as it said on the downloads page. I opened up Ableton, went under the Plugins Category and it didn't show up! I also followed your advice about enabling "Use VST Plug-In System Folders" and every time I do that, Ableton Crashes and give me a message about Live quitting unexpectedly or something and it gives an option to reopen and when I click that, Live gives me this message "Live’s last program run was abnormally terminated while scanning the VST Plug-in “Serum.vst.” This failure has either been caused by this plug-in or by another plug-in that was scanned earlier. Click OK if you would like Live to scan this plug-in again; click Cancel to skip and deactivate this plug-in for use in Live (other applications will not be affected)." This is very frustrating considering how much wanna use this plugin & how much I paid for it :(((((

P.S. My OS Version is OS X 10.10.5


I just purchased Serum and installed it, but when i open ableton live 9 and click on plug-ins, Serum does not show. What do I do?

hey!! when you bought serum, they deliver serum in your mail?

having the same issue just bought the vst and i cant get into ableton idk if its because i have the demo version??? are you not alowed to use use plugins on demo?


You can use plugins in the Live demo IIRC, you need to enable them in Live 10 preferences->Plugins. Please mention your OS if you are stuck.

same problem here, maybe its something to do with live 9?


If you're on Live 9 on a Mac make sure it shows 64-bit on startup.


I also have the same issue. I can open serum in fruity loops just fine but I can't find it in Ableton at all.

Hey Steve,
I have this same issue. The .dll files are in both VST Plugins (Program Files) and VST Plugins(Program Filesx86). I have selected both folders in Preferences and it sees everything but Serum?

Please help : )

Verify the VST2 Custom Folder location in Live preferences->Plugins.

I would suggest making e.g. C:\VSTPlugins and make sure Serum_x64.dll is in that location and set C:\VSTPlugins as VST2 Custom Folder.

I have recently bought serum and it is not installing into ableton live 10. Only the presets are coming up in ableton, no the plug in itself. Every time i try and open an already downloaded file, it asks me to download it again. All my settings on ableton are correct. Serum is in C:/files (x86)/VSTplugins, but has an internet explorer icon next to it. i have not had this issue with any other plug ins such as tyrell, which came up and installed with ease.