LFO Tool clicking/popping makes it unusable for me, and adjusting release/attack on the envelope does not help

Started by Refl3xes-splice


I just bought LFO Tool and I was excited to use it, but with this issue I'm having it's entirely unusable at the moment. I'm trying to use it to duck a sub bass with the kick drum, and there's this horrible clicking/popping noise that seems to happen sometimes at the beginning of the envelope and sometimes at the end. I've messed with every shape imaginable trying to soften the sound of the click, but there's nothing I can figure out. I drew in a little slope at the end of the envelope, per many suggestions online, and that did nothing, and I've also experimented with drawing in more of an attack but that hasn't helped. It seems to be an issue mainly with the MIDI trigger mode, but that's mainly what I need this tool for.

edit - I just discovered the smooth option and that seems to be helping a bit but I have to crank it up to like 50 to really get rid of the clicking entirely :/

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Clicking is an artifact of changing a amplitude on a fundamental faster than the frequency of the period. I would suggest to start the graph at 100% on left/right edge and watch for any sudden changes to amplitude. With appropriate curvature and spacing you can typically use no smoothing. You could also be hearing something in your monitoring which doesn't exist in the signal, potentially (some headphones for instance will click themselves when there is an abrupt change to LF). I would recommend using the contact form and sending me an example simple project so I could take a look or make recommendation/change.