LFO Tool Presets

Started by 2Gunz

Hey @xfersteve just wondering if you can help me on figuring out LFO Tools preset folder. I have some files that are .fxp and some that are .shp. Some are stock presets, others are LFO packs for either Serum and LFO Tool, and some user presets.

It reads all the folders in in the GUI menu but only a certain few presets actually pop up to be able to open (including not showing stock presets). Im wondering how to be able to get LFO Tool to read these presets and if its because they are not showing from a recent update that needs the new file extension or is there anything I'm missing?


os: high Sierra 10.11


I'd recommend opening a support ticket so we can locate your LFOTool registration and merge your accounts as needed.