Macro routing doesn't work anymore

Started by jioud


I have the problem that my Macros don't work anymore.
When I route them to the LFO Rate or anything else, the Macro moves when i control it with the mod wheel or a fader, but the LFO Rate doesn't move at all.
I already reinstalled Serum and looked into the Matrix, but everything seems to be like it should.

I really would appreciate help, I don't know anything I could do to fix this…

Thanks for your time


I'm experiencing a similar issue. I'm dragging a macro to assign to a knob and looks as if it took, but it didn't. The blue illumination lights up, but the macro will not control the knob. Modulators can be removed from the knob.
I restarted serum, live, and rebooted the computer. Issue persists.
I'm running MacOS Monterey 12.1, Live 11.0.12, Serum 1.346.

Serum requires notes active in order to hear macros or see modulation in action.